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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Aval Potato Upma

I needed a healthy B'fast. Bread and Jam was sounding yuk to me. Too tired from yesterdays trip to Rabigh Corniche. So I remembered I had a packet of Aval (Beaten Rice Flakes) lying in my cupboard, Cooked Whole potato in the fridge. Yay! I used brown rice flakes so healthy also.

1 cup Aval
1 Boiled potato
1 green chilli
1 smallish onion
1/2 inch ginger
1 sprig curry leaves
Juice of one lemon or lesser
1/2 spoon Turmeric Powder
1/2 spoon Mustard
1/2 spoon udad dal
1/2 spoom chana dal
One shake Hing (asafoetida)
One tablespoon oil or lesser.
One or two tsps grated coconut.
coarsely crushed ground nuts/Cashews around one tbsp or so
salt to taste.

Soak aval in water. Drain in a collander or seive. Meanwhile chop  onion, green chilli, ginger. Cube potato.

Heal oil in a kadai, add chana dal, udad dal, mustard, curry leaves, hing, then the chopped items. add turmeric and salt to taste. add potato cubes and sautee a little. Add drained and by now soft and fluffy aval. Mix untill hot. Add lemon juice, grated coconuts and coarsely crushed nuts.

Khalas. Thats all. B'fast ready. This whole process took me only seven mins.

This is a maharashtrian dish, but I forget the original name.
By the by, rabigh corniche was lovely. I had a free foot massage as the beach was gravelly. So many smooth and shiny pebbles. Lovely. I have only seen aquariums filled with pebbles not a whole beach. Quiet waves lapping at my feet, inspite of the day being very windy.  Got to go again to collect the smoothest shiniest pebbles.

free foot massage - How does it sound? Good eh?

I am sending this to Show me Your HITS by Sangee at Spicy treats.

I am also sending this to Anzz Valentine special event  and Anyone can cook series 42 at taste of pearl city


  1. This dish is called Kande Pohe...I too make them once in a while now that u have tempted me will make them soon...SO the foot massage was nice...i had been to a corniche in Adu Adabi...but dont know the name.. the water was very clear.

  2. wat a tempting one..looks great..........

  3. First time here....
    upma sounds simple and delicious
    glad to follow u :)
    Visit mine when u find time.

    1. Welcome Aruna. I will surely visit your blog.

  4. Never tried potato and aval. But looks delicious. will try.

    My event- Valentines Day Special


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