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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Strawberry Dates Milk Shake

Freshness in a Glass


10 sttrawberries
10 pitted(seedless) dates - chopped
2 Ripe bananas
1 - 2 cups Whole Milk
date syrup - as per taste.
Strawberry Ice cream - 1 scoop

Blend everything smoothly, serve chilled. easy peasy and so wholesome. I felt instantaneously energised and my daughter loved the strawberry flavour.

I am sending this to Kalyani's Kitchen Chronicles - Summer Splash guest hosted at Sangeethas Kitchen

If I have given the wrong link please feel free to correct me, I am confused about this hosting business. Still am a baby blogger. :)

Update: 27-03-2012:

I am also sending this to Tase of Pearl City's Any One Can Cook: Series 45 and Healthy Morsels
For those ladies during their first trimester with the morning sickness may not be able to drink milk can try this with Yoghurt, it will be more soothing. One thing I did to combat this is to have a glass of water which I drank as soon as I woke up , I also kept sliced cucumber with lemon juice and salt in the fridge, peeled orange segments in covered bowls so that I had something to change my mind when I thought I was feeling nauseous. It worked very well.

Update : 14-07-2012

I am sending this refreshing drink to Ramadan Friendly Recipes @ The Halal Foodie


  1. delicious and refreshing drink.... can feel the flavours...

  2. Thanks a nice blog shaping ur here. Glad to follow u. Do visit my blog when you get time.

  3. u done this perfectly..n very nice cliks too.....thanx 4 this recipe......

  4. Thanks you all for your lovely comments. Its so encouraging to get a positive feedback.

  5. Salams Sister,
    I would really appreciate if you could please remove the code for Healthy Morsels from your blog post. This blog hop is hosted by we three bloggers Taste Of Pearl City, Schmetterling and Lecker and Yummy Recipes. The list of entries of all the recipes is supposed to be only in our 3 blogs and not in any other blogs. Participants are supposed to only link their recipes and you are not allowed to use the code in your blog and have the entire list in your blog. This might create chaos among other bloggers. Hope you understand my plight and remove the code from your blog as soon as possible to avoid any further confusion.

    1. Oops! what a blooper! (BLUSH) Thank you for correcting me. Since the link was at the bottom in your blog post I thought everybody was supposed to add that to our post. I will remove it at once.

  6. Thanks a lot sister. If you are feeling uncomfortable with my comment,feel free to remove it. I was looking for your email id to mail you personally, since I couldn't find it, I have to leave a comment here. Hope you understand :)

  7. No hard feelings Dear, I dont mind it. It's a part of my learning curve. I have mailed you. :)

  8. Salam sister...
    Nice Space and nice recipes...

  9. nice combination in milk shake.. first time @ your space.. following you..
    Do visit Noel collections

  10. Strawberry is my favorite. Since Spring is at the doorsteps, I'm looking forward to the arrival of fresh strawberries... Sure to try out this delicious milkshake. Also, wonderful and useful info about combating morning sickness for pregnant women... Thank you for linking with Healthy Morsels - Pregnancy :)

  11. strawberry , bananas and dates ...3 of my fav things in one, yummy!!! thank you for sending it to my event and thanks for using the logo in your post too

  12. Yummy, the Ramadan drink Recipes looks good. Thanks for sharing your awesome recipe.

    Cheers and hugs!


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