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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy News, Nalla Vishesham

For those readers, who are visting my blog regularly, and maybe wondering why there are no new posts for a while, I have a very good reason. I am not able to enter the kitchen without feeling nauseous. I dont actually bring anything out, but the feeliing is there and also dizziness. Yes I know in the films they show the newly married heroine feeling dizzy and rushing off to the bathroom or wherever and then the doctor comes, holds her wrists and says, congratulations, you  are going to become a mother.
Yes. I am expecting a new addition to our family some seven months or so. To say I am stunned is understating the matter. My DD is 12 for the past ten years, we have tried for another child, and around two years back, I gave up and left taking any medicine or even thinking about it. after all I had crossed 35 by then. On my first Umrah, I had made supplication for another child, but did not go to the gyneac.

The Almighty moves in mysterious ways. I am a little anxious about my age, mostly deliriously thankful to God, sometimes worried how difficult it is to bring up children with proper moral values in these deteriorating times. Well He has taken care of our little family till now, He will take care in future also. I leave everything to my Rabb.

Right now I cant stand the smell of rice cooking or oil heating. Sigh! Hopefully this stage will be over soon, and I will start cooking properly and posting again.

By the by those who are wondering whether the tips I had given for combating morning sickness in my previous post really work. They do. I am trying them all over again. For that constant bitter feeling in my mouth, I have taken the habit of chewing sounf seeds to freshen my mouth. it works for some time.  For the rest of the time, I just think that in another one or two months I will be feeling hungry again and eating well and be patient till then. The more stressed out you make yourself thinking of morning sickness the more it will attack you. Chill out and you will feel better.


  1. Congrats Fathima, am so happy for you. CAn never be a better feeling than being a mother to be..! Sending you a truckload of prayers and good wishes..

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  3. Salaams Fathima.... I thought of writing to you ever since you posted this good news. But, somehow didn't manage to get to it. Hearty Congratulations dear... May the Almighty protect you and your family at all times... My prayers for you :)


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