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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ra ra to Rabigh

Assalaamualaikkum, Peace be upon you,

Finally after three months I am in Rabigh. Beautiful Place. Right now because winter is going on Wonderful Climate. Daughter has joined School, still some settling down to do. Cooking is a challenge because half the items which I had taken for granted, I couldnt bring from India. (My grinder - Sob!!!, A good Indian Mixie - Waah!) No luggage...I hate air line regulations which limit luggage to 20 kg. Passionately. For the amount of Money they take for the tickets......They are earning a lot of bad karma from me alone I cant speak for sisters like me stuck with a stupid foriegn brand blender which dosen't know the spelling of coconut chutney.

OK end of Rant. Sorry sisters I just had to get that out. I am still not calm about it even after fifteen days or thereabouts in KSA. I feel like those people who got stuck on a deserted island and use coconut shells to cook whatever food they can find.....Ha Ha Ha...

OK still not over - continue with the sobstory.. No indian mutton available only frozen (UGH Double UGH) Ok that is alright anyway mutton is bad for health (Hint Sour grapes), wait for trips to Jeddah to buy fresh Indian Mutton. Anyway fresh poultry is cheap, living next to the sea so fresh sea food is cheap and availabe.

Maybe you are from north india where you had basmati rice daily, me I am a pure tamilachchi. I need Ponni rice. NO thanjavur Ponni rice here.......I was speechless with shock. OK I am a survivor. Tried eating basmati daily for a week . gave up on the third day...Now making do with jeeraka shala rice, it is raw rice but god bless whoever is importing it and bringing it to Rabigh.....Anybody in Rabigh or Jeddah, who knows where thanjavur ponnii rice is available please take pity upon me and give me the address of the shop where I can buy it.

I miss Lulu Center, KM trading, Sajidha supermarket, Indian Social Club, my friends, my sister, my relatives....... I miss all those pockets of India in UAE. Like Vadivelu says Naa Aludhiruven.............

For the past fourteen years or so, I had never spent three months continously in India except for my dd  delivery, so that also is there. Missing India. Vana vaasathukku pona maadhiri irukku, pesaama urmila maadhiri irunthirukkalaam. 

OK Now it is really the end. My next post will be full of the delights of Rabigh. Promise... I dont like groaning and moaning and whining and pining. Iduppa kettikittu vela ila eranganum.

I may delete this post in future.


  1. dont delete this post. i live in kuwait and i dint understand the tamil part u wrote but i get what u r feeling coz i feel the miserable missing gujarat....:))

    1. The tamil part means " I feel like I am in Vana Vaasam (In the forest). I could have opted to be like Urmila (She stayed back with her inlaws). I have taken this example from hindu mythology. So I think you will understand.

      Well. I have got used to this life now. Have found one friend. Looking for more :) ....

    2. Hi, I am moving to Rabigh. How is life there? Is it easy to find a good ingredients for cooking as I am a big foodie as well?

  2. Hi! we are planning a move to Rabigh too! could you please share more about the place? I have a whole bunch of questions bursting at the seams! look forward to hearing from you! :)

  3. How? I dont want to air my opinions for public viewing. Please research thoroughly with anybody you know personally in Rabighbefore moving here. Everybody's circumstances are different and what did not click for me may not be an issue for you. Best of Luck.


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