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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Coconut Chutney - 1

This is a simple chutney which goes with Dosa, Idly, bajji's, bondas, upmas etc..

Coconut - 1/2 grated
Pottukadalai (Puffed Chana Dal) - 1/4 cup or lesser
Green chillies - 4 (adjust according to the ehat level and your prefernce)
salt to taste
Oil - 1 tbsp
udad dal - 1 tsp
mustard - 1 tsp
perungayam pdr - 1/4 tsp
chopped onions 1 tbsp (two or three sambhar onions)
Curry leaves 1 -  2 sprigs

In the mixie jar, put the pottukadalai and chilli first. then add the grated coconut. Whirr a few times. then add water and grind to coarse consistency.  Add salt to taste. Keep in a bowl.
If you are using ammikal (grinding stone) First grind the chillies with salt, add coconut little by little and grind to paste. lastly add the pottukadali and grind till the pottukadalai is grainy (like coarse rawa). remove paste from the grinding stone, wash and keep the water aside.
Traditionally, the tadka is poured into the chutney, covered for a while and then mixed. In my place, the chutney is poured in the tadka in a kadai and heated till the whole is hot not boiling. You can choose yourself.
So lets come to the thaalichifying.
Heat oil in a kadai, add mustard, let it splutter, add udad dal, curry leaves, perungayam powder, onions. let onions brown. add the chutney to the tadka, mix well. Keep on flame till the whole is hot. Do not allow to Boil. Check for salt and chilli and adjust before serving.

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