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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dil Se..: Show Me Your Dosa!

Dil Se..: Show Me Your Dosa!

Edited to add :
Hello everybody actually somebody tell me whats happening. I sent my recipe to this event, and below there was this tab telling me to link to that post. So I thought OK lets try this also. Lo and behold there was a screen with a line with html coding. You know there's a reason I didn't take computer engineering. When I see all those codes and all I freak out. anyway I decided to be brave and clicked add or ok or something I forgot. and next time I checked my blog this post is there. Ayoo nyan onnum cheydilla . enakku onnum theriyaadhu nekku thilisuledhu, nanage goththilla, mujhe maalum nahin , Ana Ma maalum I think I know this phrase in Bengali also but I will not take any risk. and no link has appeared where I wanted ( Carrot Corriander Whole Wheat Dosa) Hmph. Well anyway, if we try only we will know. try try untill you succeed - thats my mantra. Blogger here I come. Wish me luck sister bloggers.

PS: Please check out my recipe at that event site also. I will send more entries inshaallah.

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