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Thursday, March 1, 2012


One of the traditional foods is pazhaya choru or saadham. In english it will translate to old rice. It is nothing but rice cooked on the first day afternoon, covered with water and consumed the next day. The rice becomes spongy and a light fermented smell is there. As with most traditional foods, some nutritionist has found that this form of rice is very good for the health. Hmm remember ragi, cholam (millet), they were considered poor peoples food and were looked down upon, even now I hear disdain in my friends voices when i say I made godhumai dosai for dinner, now they are health foods... I think this will also make the list of health foods when some fancy health guru takes up this as a cause till then enjoy this simple cooling drink in the summers.

For neerahaaram you need:

two handfuls of soaked cooked rice
Fresh water 1 - 2 cups
Salt to taste
Buttermilk 1/2 cup
Small onions - 4-5 nos

mash the rice with your hands add fresh water, a quarter cup or so of buttermilk and salt to taste. Chop onion finely and add to this mixture. Serve. It is served at room temperature. I can actually feel my stomach cooling when I drink this.

I am sending this to Beat the  Heat event.

I am sending this to Foodelicious - Only South Indian Event


  1. Wow such a gr8 coolant for Summer
    Thanks Linking 2 Beat The Heat :)
    Ongoing Event
    "HOLI HAI"

  2. Dear Fathima, I remember having this at my grand mom's place in summers, it's a very good digestive too. Pls correct my blog's name, it's Foodelicious. Regarding the logo, pls read my giveaway post carefully on how to copy the logo.

    MARCH EVENT, ‘Only’-South Indian & Cook Book Giveaway


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