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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Toy from a small baby coconut

We used to make this from the small underdeveloped coconut which fell down and from the ribs of the coconut frond. I think the pictures will be sufficient. I wanted to record this somewhere - an example of the simple pleasures which made up my childhood.

From This

To This

If we hold the two sticks woven between the looped stick and the straight sticks and flick our wrist to rotate the baby coconut, it will produce a whirring tic tic sound.

This vacation when I went to TVM, I showed my daughter how to make it, she was enchanted that I used to make my own toys in my childhood. It was more fun or atleast it seemed like that to me.

I remember making whistles from leaves of a tree, I forget its name it had wonderful yellow flower with a deep reddish maroon center.

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