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Friday, June 10, 2011

Nongu Paal By Taste of Pearl City, Spicy Mango Slices from me

If any of you visitors want to see poetry while reading a recipe go here:

View of Kuttralam Falls from Tenkasi Road

Main Falls, Kuttralam
This is a recipe for nongu paal and Oh my! looks like a dream. When we go to India, we go to Kuttralam atleast once. My nativeplace is nearby. Bathing in Kuttralam is for cooling the body from outside. Drinking Nongu Juice with Lime water - Padhaneeris cooling the body from the inside - thats what my Maami says. The fermented is Kallu and haraam for us. Eating nongu is one of the rites of passage while on a trip to Kuttralam. When the heat gets unbearable here in UAE, I sit in front of the AC and turn its fan full blast in front of my face and close my eyes and imagine that I am sitting in a van overloaded with my relatives and the window is open and the wind is rushing on my face...Aah Dreams... Hmm If sombody sprays water on my face, I will imagine it as the kuttrala saaral, no use trying to wake me up from my day dreams.

One of the other delicacies is Mango Slices And Cucumber slices sprinkled with salt and Chilli mix.

Required :
Kili Mooku Variety Mango - Semi raw is my preference or Cucumber cut lengthwise.
Chilli Powder
Thinly Slice Mango, Mix 1 tsp of salt & 1/2 tsp of Chilli powder and srinkle on slices. Mix gently with hand. Test for taste. Enjoy.

One of the good things in UAE is that the tender Cucumbers are always available, in TVM we had to make do with the fully grown cucumber.


For Umm Mymoonah: Kili Mookku Mango is as shown below. It is also called Bangalore Mango. I have taken this photo fron sulekha .com
It is not very sour when raw and it dosent go to the high levels of sweetness as in other varieties. One speciality is the skin is also crunchy and tasty, so it is especially suited for this item.

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  1. First, thank you so much for mentioning about my blog. Second, that kuttralam and thenkasi view is amazing and yeah we enjoy a lot in kuttralam season, brings back lots and lots of sweet memories. I'm not familiar with kili mukkum mango, but the recipes sounds great. Will visit your lovely blog often, happy to follow you :)


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