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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tailor Birds nest

Tailor Birds Nest.
This is a photo of a Tailor Birds nest at the back yard of my parents house in my nativeplace. The bird has felt safe enough that it has built its nest at such a low level. The tree is just a sapling not even my height. My dd was very excited and wanted to take photo of the eggs inside. so I tilted it carefully and took the photo.
I wondered at the Almighty's Creation. Just think, the bird has to build its nest, hatch eggs and the chicks have to grow up before the leaves dry up and fall away. Amazing isnt it?
We had to return back to tvm and then to UAE the very next day of discovering this. Otherwise it would have made a very nice exhibit for my daughters class room if we could have waited for the chicks to hatch and fly away.
Inshallah Next Time,


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