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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year Everybody

Hello everybody,

Wish you a Happy 2012. May this coming year be filled with happiness and prosperity to all of you. May the blessings of the almighty be upon you.

First happy news I want to share is that I performed my first Umrah (Small Pilgrimage) in Mecca this friday. What words can I use to describe the experience? Divine. The Mosque around the Kaaba is huge and looks magnificient. but the real beauty is the Kaaba. You can feel the energy when you go near it. I felt like I could do anything in this world when the faith is in my heart. I only want to keep my corner of this world filled with faith, peace and love. I prayed for everybody I could remember at that time while circling the Kaaba.

Second Happy news, gastronomically speaking, I was able to get Ponni Rice from a Local Supermarket in Rabigh. And Tan da dain..... I got soft idlies today morning. Isn't 2012 starting on a wonderful note?

Third happy news. I was grumbling about the huge house my hubby has taken for rent here. honestly it takes forever to walk from the bedroom to the hall. but all that walking in the house has resulted in my losing 4.5 kg weight. I am like yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ... Imagine no diet, absolutely no excercise (conscious)....  Mind you I am still 25 kg overweight but I am so HAPPPEEEE.

So again

Happy New Year Folks. Happy 2012.

PS. My Dh is using the digital camera for his office work, so no camera, I dont feel like posting my recipes. Still I will start posting my recipes again soon. Keep in touch.

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